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Day man fighter of the nightman

In "Sweet Dee has a Heart Attack", after learning that the government doesn't pay for health care, Charlie and Mac remark that they might as well be living in a Communist, Socialist dictatorship , because free healthcare has always been a totally American concept? Teased many times with Dennis and Dee. Frank also peeks at Charlie while masturbating. She addresses him as "Matty" during her last attempt to seduce him. He never killed or ate anyone, and his fearsome reputation is a product of the gang's gossip. Mac often says, "Guys, I've got big news! Yeah, shut up, Walt. Even after being put through the ringer numerous times, he retains his positive and friendly demeanor. Subverted with Dennis; he's officially diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in "Psycho Pete Returns.

Day man fighter of the nightman

Charlie and Frank have a very strange living arrangement in their apartment. Some of the blackest jokes include: Season 8's "The Gang Gets Analyzed" is filmed entirely in a psychologist's office. I got the Down South Funk when I clown out punk-ass police wanna call dogs and sound off pumps I short your Blaupunkts if you thump my tape Yo dial funk if you're mo' stiff than Riker's Isle bunks Get out your seat, E, spit out the beat The tracks plow underground concrete out the streets From baldies to fades, when I rock MC's wave more flags than Puerto Rican Day parade and give up, I got the rare footage, of fiends walkin barefooted off my rhyme don't dare cook it You might fall in to intervene And New Jacks and they girl become Pookie and that, PROM QUEEN That bodybag won't fit you tonight You wanna blow up? Mantis Toboggan, the alias he used in "The D. Dennis also takes any blow to his narcissism very poorly. Subverted with Dennis; he's officially diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in "Psycho Pete Returns. They know who you are. Bring My Brown Pants: Dennis is the vain prep from a rich family. Dee pulls off several in "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off" to get everyone eliminated so she can win the dance contest. Mac admits to loving him, but insists that it's a fraternal love, not romantic. Put it this way: Season 8's "The Gang Dines Out" is filmed entirely in a restaurant. In the aptly titled "Who Got Dee Pregnant? In "Mac and Charlie: Playing it and explaining the rules take up an entire episode. Played with in the Night Man musical, which casts Dee and Dennis as lovers resulting in a kiss being modified into an erotically-charged hug. Several seasons later in "The Gang Gets Stranded In The Woods", they have him locked in the trunk of their car to keep him from escaping when they go to a party outside the city. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Charlie fantasizes about having his house getting lifted up by balloons in "The Gang Saves the Day. Mac, I think this guy just bent himself over a barrel here. Charlie attempted one in the Season 1 episode "Charlie Has Cancer". Despite blatant sabotage within the referee's field of view, anyone who hits the floor for any reason is disqualified during the dance marathon in "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off". Dennis has been established as more or less a sexual predator.

Day man fighter of the nightman

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